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Interview: Josh Lospinoso

What's it like to be a PhD student by day and a military intelligence officer by night? Cherwell finds out

The Weekly Short Cut

Jolyon O'Connell explains why The Week is a must-have for any cocktail party

Join the debate: Is Christmas still fun?

Dhatri Navanayagam asks Oxford students what Christmas means to them today.

Join The Debate: Labour Glasgow victory

What does Labour's by-election victory in Glasgow mean for the wider party ahead of next year's elections?

Join The Debate: Should sex education be compulsory for children in...

Would the government be right to force children to learn about sex from a younger age?

Ken Livingstone: Boris, the Beeb and Me

Ken Livingstone speaks of his anger at the mayor, the media and a certain Mr Blair

Join The Debate: Can student activism really change the world?

Just how effective are student protests?

The white suit confronts the MPs

Martin Bell explains why our corrupt Parliament is in desperate need of reform

The BNP will forever claim it is a victim

Question Time could have improved the way in which it interrogated Nick Griffin. However, the BNP is always going to play the role of the victim

Join the debate: Is university worth £10,000?

What do Oxford students think about having to pay up for their studies?


Aung San Suu Kyi’s honorary degree should be revoked

If the degree was awarded to honour human rights, can it not be revoked to honour human rights?

The government is wrong to dismiss abortion clinic buffer zones

Protests outside abortion clinics are a form of harassment which undermine the free choices of women

Tolkien fans visit Oxford to celebrate author

The four-day event will include a Hobbit bake-off

Exclusive: Jude Law to speak at Union

The BAFTA-winning actor will appear with Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, to promote the initiative, which works for an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence worldwide

Oxford historian discovers new letter sent by suffragette

The letter was written in 1905 by Annie Kenney, the first suffragette to be imprisoned in the campaign for the vote