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Creaming Spires: MT15 Week 4

This week, Don Juanson is seduced by the mystique of age

Creaming Spires MT15 Week 2

'But how do you satisfy an itch in a country where one can’t order more than a glass of prosecco? I feel awkward gesturing for the bill with the ridiculous English hand gestures, let alone asking for uno handjob.'

Creaming Spires MT Week 1

A pair of star-crossed lovers take their petites morts in sunny Verona


What’s next for Theresa May?

Major constitutional changes must not be carried out without adequate support

If Merkel Says Auf wiedersehen, what’s Next for Germany?

The German people must decide what they want, and whether the CDU will be able to provide it, whoever leads them.
picture of food arranged to look like the chanel, louis vuitton, fendi and gucci logos

Branding Matters

What does it take to make a strong brand? Apparently not the same as it did five years ago. Georgia Watkins analyses the shift in branding strategies and the rise and fall of the logo.
A man in a wooded landscape stares ahead of him

Film Firsts: Nothing gets lost in translation with my first foreign film

Beyond even the sprawling shots of the Indian landscapes, Hirani’s film achieves the quality of epic.

Dirty Dancing Review – ‘gives fans exactly what they want’

Maxim Mower enjoys a touring production of Dirty Dancing at the New Theatre, which he says will satisfy lovers of the 1987 movie.