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Admissions: the final target

Targets are to Labour what alcohol and age are to the Lib Dems: a fatal weakness. From targets to cut NHS waiting times to...


If the elected leadership of the Oxford Union wish to invite a pair of controversial figures to argue with, then they are entirely within...

Scare tactics

This week’s comments from Lord Butler in favour of privatisation, and the ‘coincidental’ publication of the details of a report by the New College...

Welcome back

Welcome back Another term, another editorial. Some of us are coming up to Oxford for the first time, while others will be launched straight...

The Week in Words

The Week in Words “I am impressed that you have been more persistent and pushy than the Daily Mail or the Sun.” Matthew Scott...

It’s Good to Talk

The proposals to dramatically reduce the number of tutorials history undergraduates receive as part of their degree course is part of a worrying trend,...

Keep the Libraries Going

This last week I was in Boston, combining professional business with further fundraising activities. Two days were spent attending the Annual Meeting of the...

State of the Union

A member of the OUSU executive has resigned this week, slamming the leadership, we report on today’s front page. Another exec member has also...

A Losing Battel?

Last week OUSU released a startling report exposing the massive financial inequalities that exist between colleges in Oxford, and the subsequent disparities in services...


Access denied: Oxford’s white privilege is revealed

White British applicants twice as likely to gain admission as their black British peers

Keble and Pembroke win Summer VIIIs headships

Both crews rowed over on Saturday afternoon to seal their respective headships

Jacques-Louis David’s artistic revolution

David reinvents old stories in ways we don't expect

Café circuit: The Society Cafe

The Society Cafe is a haven in busy Oxford

Mental health support is a question of priorities

The press may scrutinise college endowments, but all of them have the resources to improve their provisions, says Fin Kavanagh