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Single of the week: James Blunt’s ‘Love Me Better’

Emma Leech slates the pop singer's painful new release

Couch to 5K

Emma Leech’s app-etite for fitness improves with an affinity for electronic instruction

A thistle amongst the roses: to be a lone Scot in...

Emma Leech questions the motives behind setting up national societies

Worthwhile resolutions

Emma Leech encourages students to make realistic and useful resolutions

Windy colours

Emma Leech recalls her encounter with Henry the homeless artist and his unexpected colour palette

‘Last Christmas’: a lingering recollection

Emma Leech gets lost in a musical memory

Brookes to sell campus to create new housing

Oxford Brookes submit plan to sell 52.7 acre Wheatley campus

Rediscovering Halloween

Emma Leech looks back on Halloween’s transience through her adolescence

Interview: Nish Kumar – “A snapshot of what I’m interested in”

Emma Leech talks politics, publicity and publishing with comic Nish Kumar

Interview: John Robins – “There are no real shortcuts”

Emma Leech speaks with comedian John Robins about Oxford, originality, and "lonely Sundays of the soul"


Feminist philosophy will revolutionise our worldview

The new course is a step towards diversifying philosophy at oxford

I was overcome with a sense of familiarity, intermingled with strangeness

Beth James reflects on the forgotten female modernist poet, Hope Mirrlees

Oxford scientists receive £1m for heart defect research

Scientists awarded nearly £1m to determine the causes of congenital heart disease

Oxford International Art Fair Review – Open to all

Oxford international arts fair offers a accessible approach to curation for better or worse

13 Review – ‘effectively and enjoyably portrays Bartlett’s broken Britain’

Bertie Harrison-Broninski is impressed by the ambition and scope of this drama of political intrigue and belief