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CNB report: ‘Bedroom Tax’ Protest in Oxford

Protestors assemble on Cornmarket to protest the government's welfare policy

‘Rate Your Shag’ Oxford site scrapped

Sites deemed as 'tantamount to bullying' by President of NUS

CNB Video Report: Wadham Zero Tolerance Motion

Frank Macpherson speaks to Wadham students about their recent decision to enforce a 'zero tolerance' policy on sexual harassment at College events

CNB video report: Oxford 10k Town and Gown 2013

Frank Macpherson heads down to Oxford's best known charity race, speaking to those donning their running shoes before this year's record crowds - including a familiar Cherwell face

Animal rights protesters out in force

Frank Macpherson and Patrick Beardmore report from one of the largest protest against Oxford University's laboratories in several years.

Review: The Book of Mormon

Frank Macpherson finds this show frankly boring


70% of students only drink to fit in, says NUS survey

Almost half of the survey’s participants claimed that prior to starting university they had a perception that students spent most of their time getting drunk.

Oxford ranked as Britain’s least socially inclusive university

Just one in ten students at Oxford view themselves as working class while over 60% of students went to a private or grammar school.

Voluntourism: how a booming industry has real world consequences

Combining volunteering with tourism often harms rather than helps disadvantaged communities

Follow the Money: How football puts finance over fans

In light of Bolton Wanderer's narrow escape from administration, we need to confront how money dominates our nation's favourite sport.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s honorary degree should be revoked

If the degree was awarded to honour human rights, can it not be revoked to honour human rights?