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Kate Nash, naffed off.

Georgia Lindsay talks to Kate Nash, a singer not afraid of a strong opinion and a swear word, or four.

Magdalen top Norrington table for first time

Merton fall to third, as Magdalen take the lead.

Passive (not aggressive)

Why not shouting makes you a good guy from a cool film, and shouting makes Big Brother contestants (more) moronic

Hometown: Brighton, East Sussex

It's not all vegan food and hemp. But quite a bit of it is.

Scenic View: Serbia

Georgia Lindsay is taken out of her comfort zone in Serbia

Interview: Laura Dockrill

Laura Dockrill talks about the Brti School, Glastonbury and Rolf Harris

Interview: Rick Stein

Georgia Lindsay talks to Rick Stein about his life and work, and struggles to avoid fish puns

The rise of fast fashion

Georgia Lindsay looks at the 'Primark effect' and explains why recycling needs to be sexed up

The Good, the Bad and the MTV

TV is getting worse, yet more of us are tuning in. Georgia Lindsay explains why she does

Interview: Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis talks to Georgia Lindsay about comedy, optimism and charity.


Blues committee members vote on merger of women’s and men’s committees

The presidents' proposal is expected to meet opposition with captains of a number of teams signing a letter in opposition against the merger.

Crossing continents

How to build your academic career halfway around the world

Oxford bans donations from Chinese tech giant

Oxford suspended Huawei donations shortly after China was criticised as 'autocratic' by Chancellor Patten

Hard to Be-Leave – Brexit: The Uncivil War

If you're looking for a grown up perspective on Brexit, Channel 4's political docudrama leaves much to be desired
two hands holding a load of shopping bags

Binge shopping – a no brainer?

Exploring the science behind the 'treat yourself' mentality