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Oriel grad replaces Countdown’s Vorderman

An Oxford Maths graduate is to fill Carol Vorderman's shoes on long-running TV quiz Countdown.

More racism rows

The editors of the New College bogsheet have been forced to apologise for an allegedly anti-Semitic article.

Bagpipe busker silenced by ban

Cornmarket's bagpiping busker is flying back to his native Australia after the council banned him from playing in Oxford City centre.

Queen’s rugby bloodbath

Three severe injuries were suffered at a recent Queen's-Magdalen match.

First for women at All Souls

Women take both Prize Fellowships

Pembroke students rescue Christ Church girl

A girl from Christ Church was found unconscious and with severe injuries after a night out.

Islamic protests over female preacher

A visiting professor has sparked protests from members of the Muslim community.

Failed novelist successful at last

A member of the University's Failed Novelist Society is to have her novella, Lizard, published.

Ex-Professor to sue Manchester Uni

Former Oxford Professor Terry Eagleton has publicised his plans to sue the University of Manchester for age discrimination after being forced by the University to retire from his current professorship at the age of 65.

Lost tower found beneath castle

Repair work on the Oxford Castle’s Mound has led to the discovery of a ten-sided tower that has been hidden since the late 1700s.The foundations of the tower that previously stood at the top of the mound overlooking Medieval Oxford were uncovered while work on a land subsidence was being carried out on site.Visitors should soon be allowed to observe the excavated tower, which may have to be reburied for safety reasons once the repairs are complete.


Oxford Club Couture

Feathers, latex, or pyjamas: the dress code for Oxford clubs knows no bounds

Letter To: My Incoming College Children

You will make friends, you will fit in. Plus, you always have our college family!

Uni ‘spends £108,000’ to recruit each additional low-income student

Recent analysis also suggests no connection between the proportion of students from poorer postcodes and final exam scores

India’s legalisation of gay sex is India’s success, not the West’s

Western coverage of India's overturning of Section 377 was at best uninformed and at worst insulting

The Art of Small Talk

At the beginning of October a hormonal mass of teens, infused with adrenalin and trepidation, will descend on Oxford for a week of clumsy...