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Milestones: Prohibition

Isaac Goodwin explores the lasting effects of America's successful temperance movement

Review: Pitcairn

Isaac Goodwin finds these mutineers to be lacking in originality and excitement

Human beauty: Maybe it’s all about the numbers

Isaac Goodwin explores the ideals of physical perfection and mathemical proportions

Butt-plugs aren’t as edgy as they were

Isaac Goodwin hates Paul McCarthy and his provocative artworks

Milestones: Sin

Isaac Goodwin looks at the origins of our concept of sin

Interview: Esarhaddon

Isaac Goodwin talks to director Lucy Wood about the new Assyrian play, on at the Simpkins Lee theatre on Wednesday 29th October

The contrary states of the human condition

Isaac Goodwin explores the themes of conflict and cohesion in the works of William Blake

Milestones: The Bohemian Myth

Isaac Goodwin looks at the rise of the ramshackle artist

Failed Novelists: the epitome of unselfconscious cool

Isaac Goodwin and Joel Nelson talk anthologies and collaborations with the Failed Novelists President

Loading the Canon: Flashman

Cherwell's weekly call for new additions to the literary establishment highlights George MacDonald Frazer's loveable rogue


Still nothing moderate about Malaysia

For the no-platforming, self-proclaimed anti-fascists it does beg the question, where was your protest on Friday evening?
Cleopatra (Sophie Okonedo) kneels behind a dying Antony (Ralph Fiennes) flanked by two servants.

Review: Antony and Cleopatra – a star-studded Shakespeare

Lawrence Li is impressed by the National Theatre’s opulent imagining of a Shakespearean classic

Bhajis, bacteria, and bicycles: inside crew date kitchens

Cherwell obtained copies of the most recent hygiene food hygiene reports from At Thai, Jamal’s, and The Temple Lounge through Oxford City Council, all of which highlighted issues regarding hygiene, cleaning, and confidence in the restaurants’ management.

The Race is on

James Martin wonders whether Liverpool can hold on to win their first Premier League title?

Blues committee members vote on merger of women’s and men’s committees

The presidents' proposal is expected to meet opposition with captains of a number of teams signing a letter in opposition against the merger.