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Sides of the story – the Diamond Jubilee

This week, Cherwell takes a look at others' take on the Diamond Jubilee

Interview – Martti Ahtisaari

Cherwell speaks to the Nobel Prize-winning peacemaker and former Finnish President

Sides of the story – eurozone crisis

Cherwell picks apart British coverage of the eurozone crisis

5 Minute Tute: Politics and the Media

Steven Hewlett talks about the impact of the Levenson inquiry on British politics

No Minister – How deep the rot?

Accusations that Jack Straw signed off the rendition of a Libyan rebel could shed new light on Britain's role in the war on terror

The East is Red No Longer

How to read the political demise of China's most popular Communist

Fight the Falklands furore

Jack Harris argues that Britain needs to play the grown up in the ongoing Falklands saga

‘We never broke any rules’

Paul Kenyon tells Jack Harris about the skills needed to fake death and infiltrate Iranian nuclear sites

Should developed countries tackle global warming first? YES

Jack Harris makes the case for developed countries shouldering the responsibility for climate change

Misanthrope: let students make fools of themselves

Misanthrope rants about colleges cracking down on drinking societies and the media that fuels their paranoia


An aerial photo of the Sydney Cricket Ground during a Test match between Australia and India

Sledging Down Under: Australia’s latest war of words

Australia's sledging has evolved in the aftermath of the ball-tampering scandal last year

Ed David named OURFC Blues captain for 2019

David will be captain for the forthcoming 2019 Varsity campaign
Collage showing cycling shorts, bum bags, yellow jumpers, and teddy coat

The Year in Fashion: 2018’s Best and Worst Trends

The Cherwell Fashion Editors give their take on 2018's key trends.
Mayweather mid-fight

Is Boxing in Danger of Losing its Prestige?

Oliver Donaldson reflects on Mayweather’s humiliation of Nasukawa

2018’s Cultural Highlights

Amber Sidney-Woollett recaps a year in culture