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The Cherwell Culture Show – Episode 1

Cherwell Culture presents The Cherwell Culture Show a bi-termly breakdown of the best (and worst) that Oxford has to offer from the world of the arts. This week, Music travel down Cornmarket exploring the world of street performers, Stage go behind the scenes at the O'Reilly with Dull Roots Spring Rain, Film and TV travel to the cinematic savannah that is the Phoenix Picturehouse, and Arts and Books explore a BNOC's bookshelf with OUSU president David J Townsend

Is the Revue back from the dead?

James Fennemore investigates signs of a resurrection in Oxford's comedy scene.

Interview: Samuel Barnett

James Fennemore discusses drama school and 'queening it up' with the former History Boy

Interview: Alan Davey

James Fennemore discusses accessibility and culture cuts with the Arts Council UK CEO

Review: Ripper Street

James Fennemore pines for Jack in this soulless Ripper drama.

Review: Restless

James Fennemore takes a look at the BBC's latest spy thriller adaptation

‘Twas the Summer of Scandal

James Fennemore examines the heritage of the incestuous foursome at the heart of Romantic literature

Olympic Opening Ceremony: Live Blog!

James Fennemore guides you through Danny Boyle's Olympic Spectacle

The Brazen Cheek: TT12, Week One

Brasenose's James Fennemore and Joshua Phillips make a foray into satire in this week's column

The Complete ‘BrazenCheek’

James Fennemore and Joshua Phillips share their witty theatrical musings


The Witching Hour

A séance themed photo shoot

Overlord combines fun, gore, and flaws galore

An entertaining yet terrifying film that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Sufjan Stevens: Saying is believing

Everything about Stevens’ work is an attempt to love right, and to believe right

How to beat the fifth week blues

Brownies, smoothies and good-old chicken nuggets: this is your guide

Journey’s End preview – a play about brotherhood

Bessie Yuill finds an emphasis on WW1's individual soldiers and their relationships in this Remembrance Day production