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PC Music: why the hype?

John Shulman explains why this music label is important

Death Is A Terrible Curse And There Is No Getting Around...

5 Songs to help you forget that you will die one day

Is Charli XCX pure evil?

Charli XCX, both live at the 02 Academy and in my nightmares

6 songs to show you and your old mates still like...

Stifle your weeping and listen to The Killers

6 Songs That Will Show Your Mum How Cool You’ve Become

Your mum's never even heard of PC Music. Let her know how uncool that is.


Mojo Preview – ‘gloriously worded script but male dominated’

Cesca Echlin finds this rendition of Jez Butterworth's play hits comic targets, but also reflects on its male-dominated narrative.

Merlin: The magic of kindness

Exploring the continuing relevance of BBC's Merlin

Bake-sale held in protest against Oxford’s gender pay gap

Due to the gender wage discrepancies at the university, from today onwards women in the university are ‘effectively unpaid’ until the end of the year. 

NI abortion rights must be a UK policy

Lobbying your MP could help change the lives of thousands of women

The Band Review – ‘heartwarming and nostalgic fun’

The new Take That inspired musical a great testament to the great British boyband.