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PC Music: why the hype?

John Shulman explains why this music label is important

Death Is A Terrible Curse And There Is No Getting Around...

5 Songs to help you forget that you will die one day

Is Charli XCX pure evil?

Charli XCX, both live at the 02 Academy and in my nightmares

6 songs to show you and your old mates still like...

Stifle your weeping and listen to The Killers

6 Songs That Will Show Your Mum How Cool You’ve Become

Your mum's never even heard of PC Music. Let her know how uncool that is.


Oxford bans donations from Chinese tech giant

Oxford suspended Huawei donations shortly after China was criticised as 'autocratic' by Chancellor Patten

Hard to Be-Leave – Brexit: The Uncivil War

If you're looking for a grown up perspective on Brexit, Channel 4's political docudrama leaves much to be desired
two hands holding a load of shopping bags

Binge shopping – a no brainer?

Exploring the science behind the 'treat yourself' mentality

The psychology of an evil stepmother

Is this classic archetype a thing of the past?
A drawing which shows envy as a naked hag angrily soaring through the sky, by William Hamilton

The anxiety of envy

"Big names dominate the industry, and yet their fiction feels incredibly same-y."