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‘If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball’

Josh Platt reviews the madness that is the annual RAG event Dodgeball Cuppers

The Premier League’s worst XI of the season

Josh Platt looks at those players who have thoroughly disappointed their clubs and supporters this season so far

Football Cuppers down to last four

Josh Platt rounds up the quarter-final action which left New, Worcester, Lincoln and Wadham one win away from Iffley

Xchanging integrity for champagne

Xchanging will be sponsoring this year's football and cricket cuppers competitions. Josh Platt accuses Oxford sport of selling its soul

An athlete or an aesthete?

Tom Daley is the latest sports star to have attracted criticism for his media commitments, but Josh Platt doesn’t see the problem

Priced out of the Premier League

Josh Platt takes issue with the extortionate prices charged by top flight clubs, and advocates a boycott

Simply sensational: Alan Hansen speaks to Cherwell sport

Josh Platt talks to BBC football pundit and former Liverpool player Alan Hansen about his career in broadcasting and his predictions for this season


Collage showing textile waste and impacts of the fashion industry on the environment

Fast fashion means a slow death for the planet this Christmas

Kat Cooper explores the true environmental cost of high-street fashion
A woman walks down a snowy path with trees lining it. She is wearing a coat and carries a black bag over her shoulder.

Making myself at home

"When you're here for most of the year, making this city your true home is a feat that seems impossible."

Union refute Purple Turtle allegations of “childish” behaviour

According to the Union, negotiations were only "impeded by the impossibility of an agreement on rent."

Oxbridge must take responsibility for ‘systemic’ access issues

A centralised admissions system and greater contextualisation could offer a solution

Eight private schools dominate Oxbridge admissions

The Sutton Trust suggests universities introduce a 'geographic element' to admissions policies