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Review: Rodchenko and Popova

We find that there is much to admire in the ashes of the Socialist revolutionary dream

Review: John Lennon Bio

Imagine no more, with Lennon's life brought to the page. Again.

Blasphemy: Atonement

Each week Cherwell cuts a literary 'classic' down to size. This week: Ian McEwan's Atonement

Portraits of the Artists

We look at the prortraiture of classic modernist Wyndham Lewis.

Review: The Need for Uncertainty

Mircea Cantor Modern Art Oxford Until 1 June


The psychology of an evil stepmother

Is this classic archetype a thing of the past?
A drawing which shows envy as a naked hag angrily soaring through the sky, by William Hamilton

The anxiety of envy

"Big names dominate the industry, and yet their fiction feels incredibly same-y."

Word on the Street

Student style in its laidback, everyday glory
A black and white close-up shot of the face of a man with a woman standing up beside him.

Fast Film: In a Lonely Place unites noir tradition with painfully real romance

Humphrey Bogart is a man addled by loneliness in this cinematic masterclass of subtlety and allegory.
taylor swift sings into a microphone

“Look what you made me do”: Taylor Swift’s reinvention

The reinvention of her ‘reputation’ is not a change of character nor a sudden shift in her attitude to the spotlight. The Reputation era was simply a rebranding of sound, lyricism, production and image which worked to provoke her audience and, ironically, sustain her reputation.