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One Pret too many?

The opening of Westgate will bring a third Pret a Manger and 3,400 jobs to Oxford.

Exeter students moved into hotel rooms

Exeter students are spending the first month of Michaelmas in a four-star hotel in Wolvercote as planned accommodation in Cohen Quad remains incomplete.86 students...

YOLO, vom and human bean make it into the Oxford English...

A number of new entries, including words from Roald Dahl's books, have been added to the historical dictionary

University of Chicago condemns trigger warnings

The University of Chicago has issued a letter to its incoming students outlining its opposition to “so-called trigger warning” and safe spaces.

Oxford among least affordable cities for students

Oxford has been ranked the fourth most expensive city in the UK for students, with Edinburgh taking the top spot, according to The Royal...

Univ launches new programme to improve access

University College is launching a new programme to increase the number of UK students from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend the college.The new scheme, called...

Cowley car washer faces prison after hoover hostility

Man sentenced to prison for fracturing his colleague's jaw after a row over a vacuum

Oxford Students Refugee Campaign funds 8 full scholarships

£240,000 pledged to Oxford refugee scholarships while Journal of Interrupted Studies publishes first issue

Oxford University shows solidarity with Orlando victims

OUSU's LBGTQ Campaign are to hold a vigil Wednesday evening at the Radcliffe Camera

£13.5m library addition at John’s

St John’s has started work on a new £13.5m study centre and library extension to allow wheel-chair access, increase storage space and improve study...


The appeal of method acting

Many actors go to great lengths in pursuit of an authentic performance

History should have no borders

Oxford’s curriculum is woefully Eurocentric

Football blues take Brookes varsity win

It has been a tough season for the newly promoted Women’s Blues football team. Now playing in the top league in their region, they...

The plight of the struggling high street

Physical shops need to adapt to the times

Should Murray have been disinvited?

Yes: Hannah HealeyThe central argument against no-platforming in universities is a clear one: we should allow debate around controversial topics because it inspires resilience,...