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‘Violence and Destitution’ at Campsfield House

Cherwell examines claims of violence at Oxford's local detention centre.

‘Violence and destitution’ at Campsfield House

VIDEO: Allegations of violence uncovered at Campsfield

Zimbabwe: country without hope?

Nejra Cehic wonders whether there is a democratic future for Zimbabwe.

The porter reporter

The job has changed in the six years that I’ve been doing it, in terms of the college being much busier. I think financial...


‘Brink’ Preview – ‘an exploration into public vs. private spaces’

Alastair Curtis' new play explores how individuals forge connections with others in our modern, digitalised world

‘Riverdale’, get off your hype horse

Jennifer Donnellan roots out the many flaws of the comic turned teen drama

Christ Church dean suspended over salary row

The temporary suspension is pending the outcome of a tribunal reviewing a formal complaint concerning the process by which the Dean’s salary is set
A photo of the Radcliffe Camera.

Over half of Oxford libraries lack full step-free access

The report revealed the extent of the University's accessibility problems

David Cameron to visit Oxford

He will visit his old college Brasenose for an exclusive event