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We’re All Terrible

Nick Hilton looks at the fallout of the NUS Referendum rigging scandal

Debate: Are boycotts against college services effective?

Following Exeter JCR's decision to boycott the college hall, Nick Hilton and Billy Beswick discuss its chances of success

A fine time to be an Oxford University Librarian

Students paid almost £130,000 in fines to Bodleian libraries in the last academic year, with the Social Sciences library alone earning £34,000

The Lego Movie and Socialism

Is The Lego Movie really an introduction to socialism dressed up as a two-hour advert?

Interview: Jack Gleeson

Nick Hilton talks fame, philosophy and PhDs with Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson

Hot Coffee: Graduate Recruitment

In the final episode of term, Nick and Tom tackle the thorny issue of graduate recruitment and whether firms have an Oxbridge bias

Hot Coffee: Where next for L. J. Trup?

Nick and Tom consider the implications of the OUSU result, for our new President-elect and elections in general

Why I’m voting for Jane4Change

Editor Nick Hilton discusses his reasons for voting for Jane Cahill and her slate in the 2013 OUSU elections

Hot Coffee: Tackling Misogyny

In the fourth episode of the series, Nick and Tom tackle the issue of whether it's up to JCRs to tackle instances of misogyny, or whether it's a wider university issue

Hot Coffee: Joke Candidates

In the third episode of the series, Nick and Tom look at whether joke candidates, like Louis J Trup, help or hinder student democracy


Autumn by Ali Smith: a seasonal portrait of post-Brexit Britain

The first book in Smith's ongoing quartet reminds us that sympathy is possible in our polarised times

‘Widows’ is a celebration of female grit and resolve

Viola Davis leads a group of kick-ass women in a heist film with a lot on its mind

England’s stubborn faith in Keaton Jennings reaps its reward

The ECB must explore ways to promote the lost art of Test batsmanship at a grassroots level

Salome Review – ‘struggles to take audience into another world’

Tea Party Productions' 'Salome' shows the play's continuing power to unsettle

How Charlie Chaplin lost his voice

The rise and fall of the filmmaker and his silent medium