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Union Secretary resigns for "personal reasons"

Union Secretary Cai Wilshaw has resigned, three days after his election

“OUS -who?” ask students in elections

Administrative errors and expected low turnout for OUSU election

OUSU living wage "hypocrisy"

19 months after endorsing Living Wage Campaign, OUSU still uses cleaners paid 15% less than campaigners demand

Abortion campaigners clash on Cornmarket

UK Repent's anti-abortion protest hampered by student opposition

OUSU Council divided over gender balancing

'Angry' and 'hostile' meeting reveals splits in OUSU over failed NUS motion

Review: Girls

Nick Hilton defends his masculine right to be head-over-heels in love with Girls

Wadhamites walk to Wembley

A group of students have raised £6000 for a charity run by walking to Wembley stadium

Hilda’s joins Catz in declaring war on Magdalen

Following a JCR meeting on Sunday, St Hilda's has become the latest college to declare war on Magdalen, and has formed an alliance with St Catz

Review: Flight

Denzel Washington is flying high and not-so-dry in this 'extremely fun drama'.

St Catz declares war on Magdalen

A JCR motion to declare war on Magdalen College has passed at St Catz, prompting the common room to grant their JCR President powers to set up a war committee


City Council Blasts Oxford Union over Le Pen Invite

Oxford City Council accused the Union of a “pattern of endangering community safety by inviting fascists into the city.
Footballer Kevin Ellison on pitch wearing red Morecambe kit

Pantomime villain turned mental health hero – Morecambe’s Kevin Ellison

‘Harry Potter, he’s coming for you’ roar the Exeter fans as Morecambe’s veteran forward Kevin Ellison receives the ball on his customary left wing....

Wealthy students escape the turmoil of spiralling student debt

A report by UK think-tank the Intergenerational Foundation has found that the current student loans system in England disproportionately impacts students from low-income backgrounds. The...

John Frusciante: Water under the bridge

A profile of the reclusive virtuoso
An aerial photo of the Sydney Cricket Ground during a Test match between Australia and India

Sledging Down Under: Australia’s latest war of words

Australia's sledging has evolved in the aftermath of the ball-tampering scandal last year