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Charity runners and riders

Three thousand women from Oxford took part in a charity race to aid the struggle against cancer last Sunday. The organisers hope that £180,000...

Burglars walk through Open Doors

One in five burglaries in Oxford occur as a result of owners leaving their doors and windows open, according to newly-released figures. Thames...

Radiohead serenade Oxford

A lucky Oxford audience salivated over a topless Jude Law and bartered over Jonny Depp’s pants last Sunday to raise money for terminally ill...

PM Oxford Loner

India’s new Oxford-educated Prime Minister was a “loner” with little charisma, according to his former doctoral supervisor. Manmohan Singh studied economics at Nuffield...

Bog standard

Pun writers had a field day this week as it was announced that an Oxford public lavatory might be converted into student living quarters....

Launch of can ban poster plan

Oxford City Council and police have launched a poster campaign to publicise the ban on drinking in the city centre. The posters will be...

Foreign influx is fake

Oxford University dismissed talk of an influx of foreign students this week, following Saturday’s admission of ten new states to the European Union. ...

It’s a gay day for May couples

Gay couples will be offered the chance to celebrate their relationships in commitment ceremonies at Oxford’s second annual Pride festival this Saturday. Same-sex...


Letter To: My Incoming College Children

You will make friends, you will fit in. Plus, you always have our college family!

India’s legalisation of gay sex is India’s success, not the West’s

Western coverage of India's overturning of Section 377 was at best uninformed and at worst insulting

The Art of Small Talk

At the beginning of October a hormonal mass of teens, infused with adrenalin and trepidation, will descend on Oxford for a week of clumsy...

The ‘Brideshead Revisited’ reputation haunting Oxford

Is there any truth in the fictional portrayals of the University?

Oxford grad launches new access initiative

The new organisation aims to connect disadvantaged students with Oxbridge mentors