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Mehdi’s kebab van loses its licence

Kebab van closed after numerous complaints and repeated failure to meet the council's standards of health and safety

Griffin protest outside Oxford Union

Protesters assemble against the absent Nick Griffin outside the Oxford Union, after the BNP chairman's threat to attend Thursday's gay parenting debate.The Union retracted its invitation to Griffin earlier this week

Union denies OCA meetings

Oxford Union refuses to renew ‘Port and Policy’ agreement with Oxford Conservative Association

Oxford extends support to all UK students

Oxford University is to extend its UK financial support package to Scottish and Northern Irish undergraduate students, with a potential £7,470 of bursaries and fee waivers on offer per year.

Worcester’s ‘Zoom!’ takes tortoise race first place

Despite wet conditions, Corpus Christi's tortoise fair took place last Sunday, raising over £1000 for charity

Back to the Drawing Board

Cherwell checks out Pembroke's 'Before I Die' wall, the story behind it, and the dreams written on it

Oriel hit swan in Summer VIIIs

Oriel's headship crew hit swan while racing, swan is later hospitalised and its wing has to be amputated

JCR Presidents run for cancer

11 JCR Presidents go on fun run in University Parks organised by St Anne's JCR President

Brasenose to name bust as monarch

Brasenose JCR proposed a motion which will see the President subservient to the bust of former student and JCR President Paul Gladwell

Worcester ‘lads’ on library tour

A group of forty students at Worcester are taking part in a tour around Oxford in personalised tour t-shirts as they revise for finals exams


A drawing which shows envy as a naked hag angrily soaring through the sky, by William Hamilton

The anxiety of envy

"Big names dominate the industry, and yet their fiction feels incredibly same-y."

Word on the Street

Student style in its laidback, everyday glory
A black and white close-up shot of the face of a man with a woman standing up beside him.

Fast Film: In a Lonely Place unites noir tradition with painfully real romance

Humphrey Bogart is a man addled by loneliness in this cinematic masterclass of subtlety and allegory.
taylor swift sings into a microphone

“Look what you made me do”: Taylor Swift’s reinvention

The reinvention of her ‘reputation’ is not a change of character nor a sudden shift in her attitude to the spotlight. The Reputation era was simply a rebranding of sound, lyricism, production and image which worked to provoke her audience and, ironically, sustain her reputation.
The Town vs Gown promotional poster

Town vs Gown 2019: Press Release

The official press release ahead of the Town vs Gown 2019 boxing event