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Trinity College restrict students’ access to porn websites

College cite security software updates, and say they take 'no moral stance at all on internet pornography'

Lincoln and Keble in ball theme crash

Lincoln and Keble, it emerged this week, have both chosen 'Phantom of the Opera' inspired themes for their Balls in Trinity.

Police crackdown on cyclists

Police have increased the number of fines given to cyclists who cycle without lights, alongside greater incentives to buy a pair

Oxbridge MAs under MP attack

Bill to be discussed in Parliament which challenges MAs awarded after no extra study

Gaming linked to dementia

Baroness Greenfield warns against the possibility of neurological problems developing in young people

Keble’s Big Fat Gypsy spat

Controversy over Keble Bop theme which Entz Officers describe as 'a celebration of cultural diversity'

Racist mail and Hotmail fail

'Misconfigured' mailing-list generates over a million spam messages and circulates racist and abusive emails from prospective students

New Hub for Oxford Volunteering

The Oxford Hub has opened a new base in the centre of Oxford which houses offices for the charity and the Turl Street Kitchen

University Challenge contestant targeted in hate campaign

Ex-Balliol student Marine Debray is the latest in a number of University Challenge contestants to suffer sexist abuse online

Vice-Chancellor heads Down Under in donations push

Professor Andrew Hamilton tours Australia to encourage alumni to donate to Oxford


The Witching Hour

A séance themed photo shoot

Overlord combines fun, gore, and flaws galore

An entertaining yet terrifying film that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Sufjan Stevens: Saying is believing

Everything about Stevens’ work is an attempt to love right, and to believe right

How to beat the fifth week blues

Brownies, smoothies and good-old chicken nuggets: this is your guide

Journey’s End preview – a play about brotherhood

Bessie Yuill finds an emphasis on WW1's individual soldiers and their relationships in this Remembrance Day production