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Review: Trophy Wife – Bruxism

Rachel Coombes reviews Bruxism, the latest EP from up-and-coming indie trio Trophy Wife

Rioters’ delight

Rachel Coombes discusses August's riots in London and their ties to status-seeking hip hop culture

And the rest is art history

Cherwell talks to art critic and Christ Church alumnus Andrew Graham-Dixon

Interview: Jamie Woon

Cherwell chats with the up and coming singer-songwriter.

Review: Mitsuko Uchida

Rachel Coombes is spellbound by the world famous pianist.

Festive generosity

A few belated Christmas gifts..

Here comes the beat, all kitsch and sweet

What can we expect to hear at the royal wedding this coming April?

Here Comes The Beat…

Rachel looks ahead to the royal wedding with a little musical dread.

Embrace your naked ambition

Rachel Coombes on how to get involved in Oxford’s art scene

French Pop Music Today

Rachel Coombes sorts the wheat from the Piaf


City Council Blasts Oxford Union over Le Pen Invite

Oxford City Council accused the Union of a “pattern of endangering community safety by inviting fascists into the city.
Footballer Kevin Ellison on pitch wearing red Morecambe kit

Pantomime villain turned mental health hero – Morecambe’s Kevin Ellison

‘Harry Potter, he’s coming for you’ roar the Exeter fans as Morecambe’s veteran forward Kevin Ellison receives the ball on his customary left wing....

Wealthy students escape the turmoil of spiralling student debt

A report by UK think-tank the Intergenerational Foundation has found that the current student loans system in England disproportionately impacts students from low-income backgrounds. The...

John Frusciante: Water under the bridge

A profile of the reclusive virtuoso
An aerial photo of the Sydney Cricket Ground during a Test match between Australia and India

Sledging Down Under: Australia’s latest war of words

Australia's sledging has evolved in the aftermath of the ball-tampering scandal last year