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Monday, September 25th
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Rebecca Tatlow


Preview : Peterson

A heartfelt 'modern fairytale' - Peterson is on at the Burton Taylor at 7.30pm,Tues - Sat of 6th week

Review: Tragedy: A Comedy

Rebecca Tatlow is entertained by a new take on the Bard's greatest works

Breaking Legs – The Stage News Podcast Week 6

Rebecca Tatlow gives us a taste of what's to come next week on the Oxford stage, including Brideshead Revisited and Marlowe's Tamburlaine

Review: Brideshead Revisited

Rebecca Tatlow adapts herself to a new production of the Oxford favourite, Brideshead Revisited

Review: C.A.R.N.

In the hidden recesses of Oriel, Rebecca Tatlow plays along and tries not to lose the plot.

Breaking Legs – The Stage News Podcast Week 4

May Anderson and Rebecca Tatlow reveal the coming week's drama schedule, including new writing A Row Of Parked Cars and An Evening of Dance at the Moser theatre.

Review: An Evening of Dance

Rebecca Tatlow watches dancers reach for the stars at Wadham's town and gown charity event, An Evening of Dance

Review: DNA

This play about a group of teenagers trying to escape the consequences of their actions is put on as part of Catz Arts Week, 25-28 May

Breaking Legs – The Stage News Podcast Week 3

Rebecca Tatlow and May Anderson again give a taster of next week's drama, including garden show The Government Inspector and new writing at the Burton Taylor in the form of Tim Kielly's Mona and Bea.

Review: The Courting of Claire

A ‘gritty kitchen-sink drama’, a comedy of manners, a rom-com and a horror; The Courting of Claire by student playwright Matt Fuller is on at the Burton Taylor in 3rd week