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Feature: The Next Dimension

Rebecca Treece dons her 3D specs and stares into the future

Thou Shalt not…

Dan le sac talks to Cherwell about his relationship with Scroobius Pip

Guilty Pleasures

Films or genres we know we shouldn't like, but do. This week, Strictly Ballroom

The Oxford cha-cha-champions

Rebecca Treece reviews a weekend of dancesport success at Warwick

Interview: Little Boots

Rebecca Treece talks to rising star Little Boots about her electro-pop universe

Review: Kings of Leon at Leeds Festival

Rebecca Treece watches the Tennesse four take to the stage

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

So lighten up

Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

A half blood prince and a whole lot of drama

Review: Romeo and Juliet

A rock and roll romance...

A Hitchhikers Guide to a Free Ride

Looking for the truth on the open road...


Voluntourism: how a booming industry has real world consequences

Combining volunteering with tourism often harms rather than helps disadvantaged communities

Follow the Money: How football puts finance over fans

In light of Bolton Wanderer's narrow escape from administration, we need to confront how money dominates our nation's favourite sport.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s honorary degree should be revoked

If the degree was awarded to honour human rights, can it not be revoked to honour human rights?

The government is wrong to dismiss abortion clinic buffer zones

Protests outside abortion clinics are a form of harassment which undermine the free choices of women

Tolkien fans visit Oxford to celebrate author

The four-day event will include a Hobbit bake-off