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Are we set for a robot takeover?

The Singularity may be a scary prospect, but we’ve got a good while yet to prepare


The hidden costs of trashing revealed

Security staff were paid £20,000 in overtime in 2017 to control celebrations, while a further £1,881 was spent on hiring barriers to manage pedestrian flow

There is still power in a union – but it erodes with our apathy

In a society increasingly driven towards division, the UCU pensions dispute highlights the challenges facing worker solidarity

Exclusive: Oxford Union release Trinity term card

Speakers include Lindsay Lohan, Jordan Peterson, and Peyton Manning

Government announces student loan interest rate rises

Students in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will face interest rates on their loans of up to 6.3%

Oxford Chancellor Patten votes against government Brexit bill

Lord Patten was criticised for putting forward "a political argument dressed up as a trade argument" by former Conservative chancellor Lord Lawson