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Fairbairns Report

Pembroke sees off local field to be crowned victors

No change at top in Summer VIIIs’ 200th year

Oriel men and Wadham women retain headship in 200th anniversary year of bumps as 14 crews achieve blades

GrVIII expectations for bumps

Two weeks before the first klaxon, Cherwell Sport brings you its predictions for Summer VIIIs

Isis are comeback kings of the Tideway

Oxford men’s reserve crew stage a herculean fightback

River bleeds Dark Blue

Oxford sweeps the board in women's and men's boat races

Video: The Lightweight Boat Races

Watch OULRC and OUWLRC race against the worse shade of blue at the Henley Boat Races

Oxford inched out of victory at Henley Boat races

In a set of thrilling races the lightweights lose by the narrowest of margins whilst Oriel emerge triumphant

April Mayday for OUWBC

Just a few days before the Boat Race, OUWBC are saved by RNLI

Rowing Round-Up Hilary 2015

Cherwell brings you what's gone on and what's going on down at the river

Boat Race Weigh-In Photo Gallery

Cherwell reports from the BNY Mellon Boat Race and Newton Women's Boat Race Crew Announcement


Mojo Preview – ‘gloriously worded script but male dominated’

Cesca Echlin finds this rendition of Jez Butterworth's play hits comic targets, but also reflects on its male-dominated narrative.

Merlin: The magic of kindness

Exploring the continuing relevance of BBC's Merlin

Bake-sale held in protest against Oxford’s gender pay gap

Due to the gender wage discrepancies at the university, from today onwards women in the university are ‘effectively unpaid’ until the end of the year. 

NI abortion rights must be a UK policy

Lobbying your MP could help change the lives of thousands of women

The Band Review – ‘heartwarming and nostalgic fun’

The new Take That inspired musical a great testament to the great British boyband.