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Just a joke? Louis Trup is battering OUSU machine politics

It may all be mad, but the effectiveness of Trup's online campaign shows how old-style OUSU campaigning has fallen behind

Review: Out of Print

How can news organisations survive the transition to digital and social media, George Brock asks?

Harris Manchester razor blade warning

A Harris Manchester student has found a razor blade embedded upright in his bike saddle according to a JCR email

Cameron visits Brasenose

The Prime Minister visited his old Oxford college early on Friday evening to officially open completed renovation works. He told students that 'the tutorials don't stop when you leave Oxford'

An editor has to be heartless, but thoughtful too

The news that one Shark Tales participant is facing the sack, after comments published by Cherwell, raises questions about if and when student journalists should protect students' reputations

Oxford Union invites EDL leader

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, has been invited to a nationalism debate in Michaelmas term

The perils of Linking In

Tom Beardsworth examines how the professional networking site exposes the worst of us

Exeter in one day hall boycott

Exeter College JCR, in a dispute with the college over its catering charge, set up a college kitchen to help students skip hall meals

Is the Wadham Zero Tolerance policy fair?

Tom Beardsworth and Barbara Speed argue about the merits, or not, of the college JCR's new policy to combat sexual harassment

Review: The Politician’s Husband

Tom Beardsworth enjoys the drama and duplicity of The Politician's Husband — but it doesn't beat Borgen


Keble students stranded after accommodation cock-up

Undergraduates have been ordered to postpone their arrival due to new graduate accommodation awaiting completion

‘No Offence’ and ‘Antinuous: Boy Made God’ at the Ashmolean

A review of the museum's latest exhibitions which are dedicated to telling LGBTQ+ stories

Fandom: democracy or tyranny?

Hollywood's decisions have become increasingly determined by internet fandoms

70% of students only drink to fit in, says NUS survey

Almost half of the survey’s participants claimed that prior to starting university they had a perception that students spent most of their time getting drunk.

Oxford ranked as Britain’s least socially inclusive university

Just one in ten students at Oxford view themselves as working class while over 60% of students went to a private or grammar school.