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A long way home

Living 10,000 miles away can be both a blessing and a curse

A long way home

Christmas dinners, children’s plane toys, and the difference between ‘chirpsing’ and ‘tuning’: living 10,000 miles away is both a blessing and a curse for Verity Bligh.

One thing I’d change about Oxford… the weather

Verity Bligh wishes that Oxford’s weather was a little less dreary


Rats plague St. Hugh’s accommodation

One student was moved to welfare accommodation after they found a dead rat on their floor in the middle of night

“The ancient world is a safe space for arguing”

Mary Beard discusses the Classics, political-polarisation, and access with Barney Pite

She who dares, wins

Taking risks is the only rule of fashion

‘A Star Is Born’ as Bradley Cooper makes an impressive directorial debut

"It's the same story told over and over; all an artist can do is say how they see it"

A look at the Cuppers draw

Cal Flintoff runs through this year's competition