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Court hears St Hugh’s postgraduate admissions case

“I am prepared to appeal all the way to the European Court of Human Rights if I have to,” suing ex-applicant tells Cherwell

WikiLeaks accuses Union of "censorship"

The whistleblowing organisation alleges that the Oxford Union doctored video of Julian Assange's talk over fear of reprisal

Assange protesters outside Union

Organised in response to the invitation of Julian Assange to address the Oxford Union, protesters gathered outside the gates of the debating chamber on Wednesday evening. Cherwell solicited the opinions of those taking part.

Postgraduate applicant sues St Hugh’s

St Hugh's College has been accused of selecting postgraduate students 'on the basis of wealth' and 'discriminating' against those without adequate funds.

Union drops Nick Griffin invitation

BNP leader's invitation to speak at gay parenting debate is rescinded by the Oxford Union. Union officials claim the invitation was made without permission.

Review: The Snowman and The Snowdog

Xin Fan questions whether this update on a childhood classic can truly cut it against the original

D’Urso wins Union presidency

Joseph D’Urso has become President-elect of the Oxford Union after winning a close race against opponent Rajiv Dattani in Friday’s election.

Petition launched against ‘academic racism’ at Oxbridge

Russell Group university researchers call on Oxford and Cambridge to stop excluding black academics

Tom Rutland elected OUSU President

Rutland trumps Westbury with 2179 votes to 1232

Report Extra: Mental Arithmetic

Arthur Benjamin, maths professor at Harvey Mudd College in California and self-styled 'mathemagician', came to TEDx Oxford to show his incredible gift of being able to do hard sums in his head. Our reporter gave him a few numbers to square, and asked which the day of the week it was on our editors' birthdays.


Football blues take Brookes varsity win

It has been a tough season for the newly promoted Women’s Blues football team. Now playing in the top league in their region, they...

The plight of the struggling high street

Physical shops need to adapt to the times

Should Murray have been disinvited?

Yes: Hannah HealeyThe central argument against no-platforming in universities is a clear one: we should allow debate around controversial topics because it inspires resilience,...

Talaash preview – a fusion of dance, poetry, and identity

A discussion of the cultural significance and community spirit of Talaash

Union seeks legal advice over financial transparency rules

Requests for a detailed breakdown of the Society’s audited accounts for the 2016-17 financial year have been unsuccessful