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Saturday, November 18th

Life Divided: Matriculation

Rachel Craig-McFeely and Anna Elliott discuss the highs and lows of Matriculation

Ignore the naysayers, opera is for everyone

Many have dismissed opera as unaffordable and elitist – they are missing out, writes Jack Pepper

Tommy x Gigi – an outdated vanity project?

There is no denying that the new Gigi Hadid collection's glossy take on grunge is cool, but it ultimately fails to surprise or entertain Viveka Herzum

‘Caesar’ at the Keble O’Reilly – preview

Miranda K. Gleaves previews 'Caesar', a hot new reinterpretation of a classic Shakespeare play from Cosmic Arts

Christ Church’s hall changes set a dangerous precedent

In the runup to 0th Week of Michaelmas term, Oxford is surprisingly quiet while most students try to suck up the last days of...

Town versus Gown: queer culture in Oxford and Northern Ireland

Eimer McAuley celebrates the vibrancy of LGBTQ+ culture in Oxford after her childhood in Northern Ireland

Life Divided: Love Island

Charles Britton and Bessie Yuill make sparks fly over the show that everyone's talking about

“Alan Rusbridger ended the phone call by saying, ‘for fuck’s sake,...

Kobir Ahamed reflects on his experience in Lady Margaret Hall’s pioneering Foundation Year Programme

Fighting for the right to life at Oxford

Co-President of Oxford Students For Life Ben Conroy discusses the pro-life movement at Oxford and the misconceptions it faces

Politicising terror in an attack on Muslims is morally bankrupt

Claire Heseltine argues that redundant soundbytes relying on sweeping bigotry only create greater alienation and radicalisation