Friday, February 15, 2019
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Brendan McGrath, against whom a motion for impeachment was filed on Thursday 7th, has won his vote not to be impeached by 400 votes to 189. A notice has been pinned on the Oxford Union noticeboard that reads "The Librarian remains in office. The Motion of Impeachment is unsuccessful". The...
“Casualised contracts magnify pre-existing inequalities in the workforce”
New data shows that 8.7% of female postgraduates suspended their studies in 2016/17, one-third higher than the rate for men (6.5%). The gender discrepancy was mirrored in withdrawal rates, which were 1.37% for men compared to 1.64% for women. The data, obtained from the University by Cherwell, reveals a consistent gender dispar- ity in...
Increased demand has forced Oxford University’s Counselling Service to further reduce the number of counselling sessions per student, with this year seeing an “all-time low” of 3.1 sessions per student according to the University Counselling Service’s annual report. Counselling referral rates among Oxford undergraduates rank some of the highest in the Russell Group,...
Librarian for the Oxford Union, Brendan McGrath, has survived calls for impeachment after winning yesterday’s poll by 400 votes to 189. A motion for McGrath’s impeachment was led on Thursday last week, 7th February, as a result of concerns over his decision to ask the Returning Officer, Liam Frahm, to review the...
A group of actors in the musical Made in Dagenham mid-song, each with their right fist in the air
A cheerful rendition of 'Payday' and some impressive character analysis make for a stunningly professional fifth week production.

The Crisis of Creon

A painting of Antigone condemned to death, surrounded by people having collapsed on the left of the painting
'Peripeteia', reversal of fortune, for Sophocles' Creon in 'Antigone' is a wincingly fatal consequence of his tragic decision.
A group of Oxford Revue performers wear an eclectic collection of outfits
"No description, no plot summary can do justice to this highly eclectic and wonderfully unpredictable piece of theatre"
Photo portraits of 'Matilda' and 'Henry IV' looking out to the camera. Henry IV wears a crumpled crown.
A Tom Stoppard translation of an Italian play is convincing and confusing in equal measure
A blonde actress kneels and holds her right hand up to another persons hand offscreen.
Coningsby Productions' three-woman production impresses with its relentless movement and convincing performances
Britomart Productions' honest exploration of female sexuality is on at the BT Studio until Saturday.


German humour, part 1

Modern dance

Yazoo shake-up Eighth Week