Sir, I would like to set the record straight on the conduct of the schools which Richard Dawkins has attacked (‘Dawkins slams creationist schools’, 2 May). Your article wrongly stated that these schools reject evolutionary theory. What Emmanuel College and others actually do is clearly explain the possible theories which account for why we exist, including the eminently reasonable one that Personal God designed us and gave us personality. They then encourage the pupils to consider which might be right. For example, creationism perfectly compatible with a very old earth without implying that fullblown macro-evolution is correct. The Christians at Emmanuel College are so sure that Jesus is the Truth that they are very willing put His ideas out into the marketplace. Why does Dawkins want suppress sensible discussion? All of us studying in Oxford have a serious responsibility to be critical of all scientific research, even that of Pope Dawkins, in order to seek truth or, rather, The Truth, the One who, in astonishing love, has given us minds to consider these important questions about the Origin life itself and has offered us new life through his death on a cross and resurrection in history. Yours Faithfully, Josh Hordern, New CollegeARCHIVE: 2nd Week TT 2003