Penny Berrill resigned as Hilda’s JCR president this week, citing ill health as the reason why she could not continue in Oxford this term. Giving her final speech to the JCR meeting on Tuesday, she congratulated the JCR on they had achieved this year, proving that St. Hilda?s JCR could be strong campaigning force able engage in active debate with their SCR and provide quality services. Upon thanking the committee and executive members she had worked with, she called upon Hilda’s to be a driving force ideas and action next year saying had been “an honour and a privilege to have served as your JCR President for the past academic year”. The year has seen battles over the College Girls TV programme and the referendum the Colleges single sex status. She hopes to return as soon as possible but her departure from Oxford also leaves a vacancy for co-chair of OUSU Finance and Funding Committee.
ARCHIVE: 3rd Week TT 2003