Everyone has an object of hatred. I remember working at a Virgin Megastore when J.E.E.P and ‘Have a Nice Day’ were being released. Maybe it was hearing them dozens of time a day that put Stereophonics as top of my all-time top five mosthated musicians. Though it could also be because they make banal, overproduced excrement. ‘Madame Helga’ is unfortunately nothing new. Luckily, the lead singer is trying so desperately to replace his Welsh accent with a sort of nondescript American bawl, that you cannot hear a word he says. I have to say that Kelly Jones is the dullest guitarist I’ve heard for a long time. On ‘Madame Helga’ he sounds like someone playing highlights of their Grade Four repertoire. As to their forthcoming album, I’d rather eat clay.
ARCHIVE: 3rd Week TT 2003