Toga Party Flops


There were red faces all round at the Oxford Union last Saturday after an extremely low turnout for the Toga Party. Out of a planned attendance of 300, only 90 people bought tickets for the event organised by Secretary Ed Tomlinson. The Union was expecting a low turnout but still ended up catering for twice as many people as actually arrived. The event, billed as a ‘funnus maximus’ ‘maddus partius’, turned out to be very good value for money for those who did attend there was enough drink for every guest to receive at least one bottle of wine and unlimited alcopops. Ed Tomlinson, who is expected to run for Union President at the end of this term, said, “It was a very good event and an enjoyable time was had by all.” He suggested low attendance may be due to the number of balls over the last two weeks. Standing Committee formally thanked Tomlinson. However a member of the committee, speaking to Cherwell, warned “Using such slogans as ‘maddus partius’ are unlikely to appeal. The Union needs reconsider how it runs big events.” This event underscores the difficulty the Union faces in organising social events. Earlier this term, Union cancelled the ‘Dinner Love’.
ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2003


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