On Friday, as copies of this paper are arriving in your college, the deciding match for the title of the Oxford Universities Ultimate Frisbee Spring League will be underway between Linacre and Exeter–Hertford. Now approaching the end of its second year, the League has given 11 colleges and Brookes the opportunity to play one another in competitive Ultimate Frisbee matches through Hilary and into Trinity. And yes, I am talking about frisbees, those plastic discs you throw around in summer at the beach. Ultimate is an explosively fast team game in which each side aims to catch a frisbee in the other’s end zone, without dropping it on the way or moving while holding it. Most British unis have teams that compete in regional and national tournaments, but the game is particularly strong in Oxford with the University women’s team national champions, and the open team national runners- up. The league is split into two divisions, with one automatic promotion place for the winners of the 2nd and a play-off between the runners- up and second to bottom of the 1st. With most teams having only one match left to play, the champions and promotion positions remain open. At the top of the 1st, Linacre are favourites, having won their opening three matches. However, they must face the joint Exeter–Hertford team, who look strong with several members of the University team in their side, and would claim the title if they beat Linacre by several points. The surprise of the division is the poor showing of last season’s champions Somerville–New, who have lost all of their games, and face the possibility of relegation. In the 2nd and larger division, Balliol–Worcester look sure to win automatic promotion, having comprehensively demolished all opposition. The battle for second is much closer, with St. Anne’s and Pembroke playing this week in crucial match. Having lost only to Balliol-Worcester, St Anne’s can guarantee second with a win against the all-American Pembroke team, but with a better points difference, Pembroke would take it should they win.
ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2003