No respite from rent rises


Student rent charges are likely to soar even higher as the Estate Bursars’ Committee yet again places accommodation subsidies in the spotlight. An independent consultancy group is currently undertaking a real cost review of college accommodation across the University,, including figures such as capital depreciation. Their report will be presented to the Bursars’ Committee within the next couple of weeks. Dr Alex Hardy, Bursar of Oriel College, and leading advocate of the real cost review, has indicated to student representatives that this report will form part of the Estate Bursars’ ongoing decision over the proportion of college costs to be covered by students. Speaking to Cherwell, Dr Hardy was unable to deny the importance or the implications of this review, stating that “the consultants’ findings would be fully considered by all college bursars.” Helena Puig Larrauri, Student Union president, was fearful of the possible consequences of this further move to fix battels charges, saying, “it will be important to ensure the Estate Bursars don’t place the full burden of accommodation on students.” This move is made in the shadow of protest over the first wave of rent increases. With many JCRs locked into negotiations with college authorities, some are now considering rent strikes. Trinity College JCR is asking students to pay only the original charge after negotiations were broken off by the college authorities. The Trinity JCR President told Cherwell that “there was no agreed increase to recognise.” Trinity will begin a full rent strike if negotiations are not restarted by Hilary term.ARCHIVE: 0th Week MT2003 


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