OdeonFriday 17 – Thursday 23 October Cabin Fever is a welcome return to the format of the much loved traditional horror movie. The story centres on five kids who decide to stay in a secluded cabin, for a week of fun, frolics and all things foresty. In true horror movie style this teenage utopia deteriorates when a wandering vagrant infects them with a deadly, flesh-eating virus. Cue the race against time to get out of the woods and find help, with all the classic horror elements – old, dilapidated wooden cabin, creepy skeletal trees and gun-toting yokels. In his directoral debut, Eli Roth is saving the horror genre from disappearing into the realms of the “stalk-and-slash”and psychological thrillers that we’ve seen a little too much of recently. Roth has brought blood, sex and gore back to the horror-loving public and has done it with great panache. If you fancy a seemingly low-budget, blood soaked, bizarrely comedic tale of a road trip gone terribly wrong then Cabin Fever definitely delivers the goods.ARCHIVE: 1st Week MT2003