Mothers all over the country are going online to keep their children well-fed at university. Oxford students, however, seem more capable of buying their own groceries. Food deliveries to college campuses have quadrupled in the past six months, according to Tesco, and orders from distrustful parents determined on a healthy diet for their offspring are largely responsible. Popular products include pasta, fresh fruit and vegetables, a far cry from the usual student diet of beer and ready meals. London students receive the most internet orders followed by those at Cambridge, whilst Oxford is low on the list. This might suggest that Oxford students are more competent shoppers, more independent of their parents, or just less-loved than their fellows around the country. Students were divided on the findings. Rebecca White studying at University College said “That’s such a great idea. I’m going to have to ring up Mum immediately. It’s such a pain having to do it for myself.” Whilst David Griffiths of Brasenose said “Well, we always knew that Cambridge was full of mummy’s boys.” A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said that “Parents send their children to school with lunch boxes and this is just a continuation of that.” Supermarket deliveries to students are now worth £136million. Oxford students’ mums however, just don’t seem to buy it.ARCHIVE: 1st Week MT2003