Another New Year, another new term, and with them comes another new trend. Well, you’d think this is the case, but some how, this time round it hasn’t quite worked like that. Something is up. Inevitably at this time of the year, every newspaper is filled with endless predictions of what to wear, how to dress and why to detox. The problem is for the first time I can remember, the wonderful, pure and good world of trend-setting in the popular press has been beset by contradiction. We’re not talking about cool here either. We are talking about good, old-fashioned trends – the concrete, visible signs that people are all living in the same time frame.There are some agreements: gold. Apparently the more chic and modest silver is no longer in and gold is taking over, however, “bling” (the most grotesque fashion blip since shoulder pads) is also on the ebb. Comfort is also a very popular buzz-word flying around at the moment, and the days of multi-changes are waning. This is rather a relaxing prospect and suggests a hectic world becoming more gentle but please note, it does not mean a
laxness regarding looks.The area of most contention however is colour. Now some say none, some say more. On the cover of January’s Vogue is a dress by Jonathan Saunders, king of the London fashion scene. Print and colour seems to be in, but then it was last year too. So it seems this year is less “new year” than “same year in a different light”.Furthermore some counsel oyster/ taupe/camel – where then to look? The answer must be that this year the one thing that speaks louder than any look is confidence; divine confidence that what you do is right.Archive: 0th week HT 2004


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