A devastated Worcester student has made a public appeal for
thieves to return two laptops which were stolen, containing
“irreplaceable” work for her Masters. The theft, during
the vacation, from her room above the College’s Head of
Security is further evidence of the crime problems plaguing
college buildings. Minji Kim’s two laptops, worth £6,000, back-up disks,
passport, and other personal belongings were all stolen from her
room in broad daylight between 1pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday 13
April. Kim, who is one of only three students chosen from across
the world to complete fine arts Masters degrees at the
University, was studying in the library at the time of the theft. Coming to Oxford was a lifetime ambition for the 27-year-old,
who told Cherwell of her utter desperation. “My life is on
freeze and I don’t know what to do. Education is my life. It
is the ticket for my future. I worked so hard to come here. Even
through Easter, I spent 18 hours a day working. I don’t care
about the money but my work is irreplaceable.” Kim believes that the information she has collated would take
12 years to replace. Thames Valley burglary team are working on the case. PC Maria
Sweeney believed there was a “strong possibility” the
laptops were still in Oxford. She is hoping that a public appeal
will lead to “someone with innate goodness” returning
the computers. “Everything that can be done is being
done,” she added. The laptops are distinctive for their dual Korean and English
keyboards. Anyone with information should call PC Sweeney on
01865 266062 or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.ARCHIVE: 0th week TT 2004