Watching TV can enhance your intelligence. Professor Kevin
Warwick has found that watching half-an-hour of Richard and Judy
temporarily raised the IQ of a sample of 200 students by an
average of 5 points. His research showed that the relaxing effects of having time
set aside for light entertainment had positive benefits for the
participating students’ intelligences. Television was found to be better than listening to classical
music or doing a crossword, while reading a book significantly
lowered IQ. Girls benefitted most from watching an episode of
Friends, boys from a documentary about robots. The research,
which was presented to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development, has important implications for the student community
in Oxford. In the ‘work hard, play hard’ atmosphere of the
university, students watch very little television. Anthony Myers,
a first year linguist, told Cherwell, “I like watching TV,
but if you really want to watch it, you have to be clever with
your time.”ARCHIVE: 0th week TT 2004