The prestigious halo of academia which surrounds Oxford means
that it is not often described as the central hub of student
style and innovation. On 14 May, however, a group of the
forward-thinking members of this university will be presenting a
fashion show of student-designed clothing and lingerie at the
Oxford Union, and encouraging the fashion world to rethink this
hackneyed attitude. Everyone enjoys the annual University fashion show, and this
year will certainly be no exception, but at this inaugural event
the emphasis will be on something new, something fresh; something
a little bit daring. The show is being organised by a company called UFO, or
‘Unique Fashionable Objects’ – a name which
certainly conjures up some lively, zany images. And so it should,
because the company is a product of the most ambitious of Oxford
societies: the Oxford Entrepreneurs. So what exactly can the audience expect on the night of 14
May? There will be three main ingredients: firstly, the artists.
The designers are an international group of students making their
debut at this show. Their aim is to create beautiful and exotic
clothes, fusing old and new ideas, delicate and abrasive
materials, gentle and harsh silhouettes; mixing together a
kaleidoscope of colours. Secondly, there are the muses, a
selection of Oxford’s most beautiful student models. Beware,
however, of seeing them merely as clothes-horses. These models
have been chosen to reflect and enhance the tone of each
individual collection. Finally, the marquee after-party will
provide an opportunity to bring a touch of personal glamour to
the evening, while enjoying complimentary Cobra beer and General
Bilimori wines to summer sounds mixed by guest DJs. It is a much repeated adage that beauty and brains create the
most exquisite cocktail imaginable in man: why not come and enjoy
this heady sensation for yourself? For more information go to 1st week TT 2004