In a parallel universe, the sun is shining on Oxford, and the
clever students are donning hats for a number of reasons. Not
only do hats stop those harmful rays burning your skin and act as
the ever-present disguise of the bad hair day, but they also make
you stand out in the crowd. However, to make sure the occupants
of rainy, dreary Oxford do not commit any fashion faux pas, there
are a few rules to observe. Obviously beanies and woolly hats are
out, unless you are planning an ode to Shrek the sheep, or are
looking for a greasy skater-boy style (in which case, this column
cannot help you). But, apart from that, let your hair go (under
that hat) and feel the wintry breeze. Boys: Caps are good, especially if your hair
is all tousled and mid length-ish. Caps are basically foolproof
(again exceptions to prove the rules), however, visors are not on
the agenda and never should be, whatever anyone else says. Flat
caps are also not for now. Yes they keep the sun off your face,
let the odd bits of tousled hair appear underneath, but no; they
are for winter, and last winter at that. Straw hats are
definitely appearing around Oxford, and as it is Oxfordia, these
shall be forgiven, but don’t return home (unless you live
here, in Cambridge, or Henley) with them still attached. Girls: Any hat will do but remember the
colours. No blacks, unless you are a Goth (in which case go for
it). No whites – they are impractical and reflect the light
into other peoples’ eyes, and can only make you look pasty
(unless you are tanned, in which case just be a little wary).
Make those hats work for their money; more is definitely more. Go
for colourful hats, floral hats, retro hats, but don’t make
them small. Caps look good on some girls, I am assured, but I
have not seen any yet. There are only two more important things to bear in mind about
hats this summer. Firstly, in the coming months, hats are not
simply accessories. Don’t use them just to decorate your
outfit. Use them to hide your hair by all means, but remember,
like the garden, hair is an important part of the house/temple
that is your body. Respect it, glam it up, take care of it, and
it will nurture you back. Secondly, be original. Don’t see someone with a hat and
decide you want the same. Don’t go into a shop and pick up
the obvious style that you know suits you. Be different, try a
new style, experiment. The summer is the most forgiving of
months, (look at all the tourists) so use that to your advantage.ARCHIVE: 1st week TT 2004 

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