OUSU Council has refused to endorse a University proposed
“Code of Conduct,” clarifying restrictions to behaviour
during post-exam celebrations. The decision on Friday followed a
Cherwell opinion poll showing mass student opposition to the
plans. OUSU will now push for the ban on “fluid spraying”
to be dropped, and has informed the University of this, despite
agreeing to help in the distribution of the code. A University
spokesperson said, “We are disappointed that OUSU Council
has not endorsed the Code of Conduct after representatives helped
us to draw it up.” Oxford Mail held another poll this week, which asked readers,
“Should Oxford University students have to comply with a
code of conduct, to stop rowdy behaviour following the end of
their exams?” 200 people said that they should be more
considerate but just under 40% said they believed the students
were entitled to some fun. The Mail polled exactly the same number of people, 331, as
Cherwell had. The Code of Conduct, which will be distributed via
email to all students and staff by the end of third week, will
specify exactly what kind of behaviour is considered acceptable
under the University Regulations.ARCHIVE: 1st week TT 2004