A young man was stabbed to death in Oxford last Friday. A 23-
year-old local man has since been arrested on suspicion of
murder. Mosheon Cameron, who was married, was a resident of
Littlemore. He was stabbed in the chest following an argument
with another man outside the Blackbird Leys Community Centre at
about 6.15 on Friday evening. Mr Cameron, 23, was immediately attended to by passers-by and
paramedics but was pronounced dead at the John Radcliffe hospital
soon afterwards. The wound had penetrated his heart. The suspected killer, who vanished from the scene soon after
the attack, was described as being black, about six feet tall,
and of a skinny build. He also had black hair that was cut short,
sunken eyes and large lips. An Oxford resident was arrested on
Wednesday. Police originally suspected that the crime was in some way
drugsrelated, but this idea has now been dismissed. Detective
Chief Inspector Dave Lewis, who is leading the enquiry,
commented, “I believe this was a dispute between two
individuals. I don’t think there is a drugs war, gang war or
race war and I hope that this is of some reassurance to the
people of Blackbird Leys.” Blackbird Leys is one of the most notoriously troubled estates
in Oxford, but in recent years attempts have been made to improve
the area and to encourage community pride.ARCHIVE: 1st week TT 2004