102 Walton Street
(01865) 311322 Going to Sip is a bit like being a child at a grown-up,
middleclass dinner party. It’s full of old people talking
about their jobs in the media, and how their roof extension is
coming along. You feel compelled to order the banana and honey
milkshake (which is amazing), don’t know what to say to
anyone and quite want to go to bed, or do something naughty, like
steal one of the stylish ashtrays. Sip is one of the many bar/restaurants lurking around Oxford.
Upon entering you are met with a white haze of minimalist light
and glass. There is a massive projector on the wall, which shows
films without sound. When I went they were showing Leon, which
was strangely hypnotic and annoying. The drinks are expensive, but delicious, with a variety of
cocktails; I recommend the Peach Bellini. The only students to be
found at the Sip bar are American millionnaires, on an exchange
from Harvard. The music might be described as
contemporary-minimalist-chillout. The restaurant is the best thing about Sip, provided you have
a minimalist appetite and a massive wallet. The food is listed
under four categories: “From the Air”, “From the
Land” (get the tempura chicken), “From the Water”
and “From Heaven”. The food arrives on dolly-sized
dishes, containing a portion of approximately 2.5 bites. You might find yourself transforming horribly into a spoiled
brat, and consider stealing your friend’s food. It tastes
exquisite, but I would advise you to eat before you go to the
restaurant at Sip, or you might find yourself ruining the whole
gastronomic experience, and stuffing your face with fish and
chips from this rather dear establishment’s next door
neighbour, Posh Fish, on your way home.ARCHIVE: 2nd week TT 2004