LMH JCR played host to an Anne Summers party last Friday
evening, which saw girls perusing the latest lingerie and trying
out sexual positions as well as being introduced to a diversity
of sex toys such as the famous Rampant Rabbit vibrator, edible
body paints and massage lotions. LMH lived up to its risque reputation as thirty students, all
undergraduates, attended the girls-only event which was organized
by Katie Beck, the female welfare officer, and held in the JCR.
An attendee who wished to remain nameless told Cherwell that it
had been “fun – a good chance to let your hair
down”. Although participants had been allowed to try out
some of the merchandise, they reported that the sizes were on the
whole, “too big.” A raffle also took place in which ticket holders had the
chance to win a prize ranging from chocolate body parts to the
briefest negligees. Unfortunately, no photos were taken, leaving
the male population of the college only guessing at what went on.
A source said, “It wasn’t in the spirit of the event to
take photographs; that was the whole point.” The party was designed to be a fun, “girly night
in,” and is billed on the Anne Summers website as being,
“the perfect opportunity to spend the night with your
girlfriends, catch up on the latest gossip and shop till you
drop…quite literally on the sofa…while having loads of
fun all from the comfort of your own home!” The event was a huge success with many ladies making
purchases. The organisers are now planning for a repeat of the
event party. The LMH bash follows other colleges who are already
purported to have hosted similar parties.ARCHIVE: 3rd week TT 2004