Oxford has finished runners up to Cambridge in The
Guardian’s league table of UK Universities for the second
year running. It scored 83.33 out of a possible 100, just
fractionally behind Cambridge who scored 83.40. Just last week,
Oxford topped Cambridge in the annual survey in The Times. The Guardian survey differs from its more famous Times’
counterpart as it mainly assesses an institution’s quality
of teaching and does not take into account any research data.
Oxbridge thoroughly dominated the survey once again, with the
universities ranked first or second in almost every subject that
they offered. Oxford once again showed its dominance in the Arts and
Humanities, topping the individual subject rankings in History,
Politics, Economics, Philosophy, Theology, Law and Management.
Teaching in Physics, Computer Science, Biosciences and Medicine
did very well too. Overall, Oxford was first in 12 out of the 27
disciplines offered. The rise of the less heralded universities, some of which were
former polytechnics, over their more established counterparts is
noteworthy. SOAS came a spectacular fourth while the relatively
unknown University of Aston was ranked thirteenth. The Times
1. Oxford
2. Cambridge
3. Imperial
4. LSE
5. Warwick The Guardian
1. Cambridge
2. Oxford
3. Imperial
5. LSEARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2004