Before reaching for the play button on your stereo, you would
be correct in thinking you are about to listen to an understated,
‘lets-just-give-it-ago- and-see-what-happens’ album; it
promises to last a mere 33 minutes and 35 seconds. The unoriginality of the title of The Futureheads debut album
(given its name due to “complications and some more
thinking”) shouldn’t put you off. Even the fact that
the band’s name is unashamedly “more or less
nicked” from the Flaming Lips’ album ‘ Hit to
death in the Futurehead’, has not stopped critics from
boldly suggesting that the four northern lads are set to
revolutionize the pop-punk scene. The cover is a bit of a let-down, but this album is worth
giving the benefit of the doubt to. The first bars of the opening
track ‘Le Garage’ lure you in gently, and deceptively,
since there is nothing gentle either about the rest of the track
or the remaining thirteen. Its surprisingly short length is a
cunning trick, since this tantalizing opening leaves you sitting
on the edge of your seat wanting to hear a few more snippets. The musical appeal gains momentum as you delve deeper into the
album, with energetic bursts of rock and jerky, repetitive
rhythms. The lyrics are haphazard at times, but maybe that just adds to
the punk-pop effect. This is headbashing stuff, but in a pure,
unadulterated British style. And what a style it is. This is one
debut album well worth a listen.ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2004