Which books are currently littering your bedside table at the
moment? 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene and Writing a
Screenplay by John Costello. You first appeared on television as one half of Armstrong and
Miller; who is your favourite comedy double act of all time and
why? I think it would have to be Laurel and Hardy when they were
working with Hal Roach. And particularly the shorts that they
made before they got into features – Big Business for one of
them. Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?
Jordan. Or Katie Price. Though if I had to choose, Jordan. You have starred in the British comedy films The Parole
Officer and Johnny English – do you have any other film
projects in the pipeline? Yes, I’m in a film called The
Prince and Me with Julia Stiles which is out in July. What kind of music is in your CD player at the moment? A lot
of Johnny Cash, Beth Orton, Kris Kristofferson. I’m having a
Country phase. You have recently been appearing on television in the comedy
series The Worst Week of My Life – have you ever had a
similarly such disastrous week in real life? No, but I did get
married the same time that the series was on which was slightly
surreal. You started your career with Cambridge Footlights – do
you have fond memories of student drama? What was your favourite
production from your student days? So many. One favourite though
was “Norman Thane Of Spain”, allegedly an
“undiscovered” Shakespeare play that we wrote and ran
at eleven o’clock at night for one glorious week at the ADC
Theatre. If you could choose any comedian that you would like to work
with, alive or dead, who would you choose and why? Peter Cook. I
was at the same party as him once but couldn’t pluck up the
courage to say anything. Pathetic really. Or maybe respectful.
I’m not sure. Give us a description of Ben Miller’s perfect weekend?
Getting out of London and wearing my Official London
Wanker’s Barbour jacket in tiny country pubs. Do you have any advice for budding young student comedians
that you’d like to share with Cherwell readers? Don’t
give up. That’s it really. Which comedy series do you wish you had written yourself?
Fawlty Towers. Because I just love things that are funny without
jokes. And finally, Ben Miller never leaves the house without…?
Some money from my mum.ARCHIVE: 5th week TT 2004